What Do We Do Next? Thoughts on German Museums and Syrian Refugees

How can local German museums best support, engage with, and document the arriving Syrian refugees?


Inspiration – Icelandair (again)

Last year I wrote about how impressed I was with the interpretive moments sprinkled throughout Icelandair’s planes. When I traveled with them this month my admiration kept growing. These guys are good. Their little language and cultural stories are consistently interesting, quirky, and beautifully phrased, while still being short and snazzy. The world needs more interpretive signage…

Blogroll Updates

I’ve updated my blogroll to reflect all the blogs I’m majorly (and not-so-secretly) crushing on at the moment. Most of the new links are about museums (quelle surprise), but the sections on all-other-things-awesome (science, storytelling, thinkers, etc.) are growing. Check them out – nothing but stellar writers and ideas all the way. Do you have…