What Do We Do Next? Thoughts on German Museums and Syrian Refugees

How can local German museums best support, engage with, and document the arriving Syrian refugees?


Nothing New Under the Sun*

The caption in a Wikipedia article on Xoanon: Synthesizing the Lady of Ephesus as Diana Aventina: a Roman marble copy of a Greek replica of a lost Geometric period xoanon (18th-century engraving). An engraving of a copy of a replica of a sculpture. Apparently museums come by the tradition of reusing other people’s good ideas honestly. [Thanks to intrepid world-traveler Patricia Walker, who…

Emotional Safety in Museums

Museums should become safe spaces for unsafe ideas* *Often credited to Elaine Heumann Gurian, but she says it didn’t come from her. Either way, it deserves to be said often. I love the idea that museums can (and should) be safe spaces, but until recently I always thought about that concept in terms of the…