Why Don’t You? Guerrilla Interpretation


How do you do interpretation? In exhibits? On panels? Labels, plaques, historic markers? Why don’t you ditch the traditional signage, go rogue, and…

  • Take interpretation outside the museum? Into the community? To the streets, corners, and little back alleys?
  • Ditch the engraved plaques in favor of slapdash signs? Handwritten? Collaged? In haiku? Decorated with copious amounts of glitter?
  • Commit to not telling any story you’ve already told before?
  • Make an label for a piece of graffiti? Create the graffiti? Create the graffiti and then make a label?
  • Yarn bomb your community with stories instead of string? Or both?
  • Create stories about objects and spaces? It’s not true, but it’s so good it should be?
  • Make interpretation fluid? Something that changes every week? Every day? Every hour?
  • Interpret the things that never get interpreted? A stretch of sidewalk? A lamppost? A patch of grass? Find the magical in the seemingly mundane?
  • Interpret the same space through a different lens every week? History? Science? First-person? The perspective of a cat?
  • Give the community the tools to be your collaborators? Your partners in crime?
  • Create “DIY” interpretive labels that can be customized? Hand them out at events? On street corners? Make them available online?
  • Find new sources of information? Voices who haven’t had the chance to speak?

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