Interpretation Inspiration

Clever interpretation is always awesome, and I never know where I’ll  find it. Here are some of the signs, images, and labels that have captured my imagination lately.

This week: old trees, trolleys, and gin.

StrassenbahnArtStrassenbahn, Freiburg, Germany: Everything is a work of art, from the paintings to the people in the frames to the passengers framed by the windows above.


Cathedral, Strasbourg, France: Simple, to the point, and effective.

LichenSignPark, Schluchsee, Germany: The text may be dense, but the simple wooden frame covered in lichen is charming and completely appropriate for the setting.

HairStylistMirrorHairdresser, Freiburg, Germany: Street marketing with a mirror. How’s your hair looking today?

GinInterpLabelBasel, Switzerland: In the window of a liquor store: an infographic on how to make gin.

GreatDescriptionFreiburg, Germany: “Creating Digital Flavour.” What a description.

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