Why Don’t You? Exhibit Trailers


How do you tell your community about your exhibits? Are you opening a new exhibit? Do you have an existing exhibit you want more people to visit? What if you create an exhibit trailer and…

  • Preview your new exhibit to the world?
  • Re-envision and remind visitors of the great exhibit you already have?
  • Make something busy and exciting? Quiet and sparse, beautiful and poignant?
  • Fill it with objects and specimens and movie clips and archival images and internet cat videos?
  • Give away hints and glimpses, leaving your viewers/visitors curious for more?
  • Capture the essence of the exhibit in two minutes?
  • Use actors? Community members? Animation? Someone famous?
  • Link it to popular community blogs? Airing it on regional cable channels?
  • Partner with a local university/high school/dramatic society/museum members group to create it?
  • Use it as the foundation for a social media promotion?

Find some inspiration below:

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