Label Love Letter: The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Jellies: Living Art

I can’t praise creating beautiful, emotive, unexpected, and fun text without referencing one of my favorite exhibits of all time: the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Jellies: Living Art.


JelliesLivingArt JLA1

The exhibit’s now closed, but was it ever something amazing. Showcasing jelly species against paintings, sculptures, and scientific illustrations, the exhibit displayed jellies as pieces of art and wrote about art and animals as beautiful things.

(Excuse the photo quality. Let’s blame the low light and old camera, shall we?)

…the fluid expanse of an unruffled sea…

…inky black ribbons that anchor them together…


…the stature of these delectable treats.

…watch how they glisten and glow…


Are you kidding me with how beautiful that writing is?! It makes me think when the most beautiful art labels I’ve ever read are in an aquarium.

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