Label Love Letter: Thierry Mulhaupt Chocolatier


On a recent trip to Strasbourg, France, I ate all the chocolate. All of it.

Almost as delightful as the “Praline au Beurre Sale” (omg, btw) at Thierry Mulhaupt Chocolatier was the text that accompanied my treats. Prepared to be amazed, amused, slightly confused, and generally delighted.

(emphases by me)

Contemplate the chocolate rocher, ponder over the palet [sic], dream of another Antilles…

Then, let your fingers hover lingeringly as you imagine the ganache, hope for a crunchy sensation – the tang is on the tip of your tongue…

But don’t rush it. The time is ripe to breathe in the Sichuan or select a rose – in the inspiration of the moment. At last, with a final glance, you enter the fray as your taste buds surrender.

Pleasure takes over from desire in a jubilant explosion of taste. Tangy fruit counters bitter chocolate, smoothness and crunchiness combine and spices join in the festival of savours.

Now let the aromas gently fade away and savour the last, lingering scents. Another chocolate will follow soon with a new share of happiness.

It definitely has a one-too-many-Mimosas-stream-of-consciousness vibe going on, but I dig it. The description is decadent and over the top, but so is the product. Thierry Mulhaput’s chocolate is an experience, and they’re going to tell you about it.

We need to do more of this. Not necessarily dreaming of another Antilles (Greater? Lesser?), but creating text whose form and style is dictated by its content, not just 75-character paragraphs, 3rd-grade reading levels, and universal themes. More sensations, movement, colors, emotions, and the occasional “jubilant explosion of taste.”

Have you created or come across evocative, emotive interpretive narratives? Do you enjoy the approach, or do you favor the old-school flavor?

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