What If You? Museum Mixtape


I’ve been to a lot of quiet museums lately. Is your museum quiet? Does it need to be? What if you…

  • Create soundscapes in your spaces? Urban sounds? Nature sounds? Other languages?
  • Play music in the galleries and exhibits? Different styles on different days?
  • Create harmonious experiences? Create cacophonous experiences?
  • Create musical audio tours? No narrative, just songs.
  • Commission a song based on an object?
  • Ask visitors to “score” an object or exhibit?
  • Invite musicians to perform? Turn an exhibit into a concert hall?
  • Decide on your theme song? Be John Williams epic? Or Danny Elfman quirky?

Do you use music and/or other sounds to help craft and enhance museum experiences? What have you had success, and where has the approach fallen flat?

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