This Exhibit is Temporarily Awesome

I adore the “This Object…” exhibit Christina Davis and Jen Bervin installed at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Not only do the new labels strike a fantastic balance between the ridiculous and the poignant throughout the museum, but they reinvent the dreaded “This exhibit is temporarily out of order” sign.

"This object has been temporarily removed as we revise its facial expression, which was deemed zoologically improbable and/or terrifying to small children."

How else could the “temporarily broken” motif be inverted into a positive experience?

  • A scavenger hunt throughout the museum and/or community to find missing objects?
  • An experience that’s “broken,” but can be fixed by visitors (hello, hands-on, interactive science exhibits!)?
  • A way to add new information on an object or subject?
  • Inviting visitors to create their own labels to redefine or add to objects, spaces and experiences?


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