Why Don’t You? Museum Lookbook


How do people see images of your institution? Your website? Promotional flyers? Other people’s vacation photos? Are the images ordinary? Beautiful? Edgy? What mood, tone, and attitude do they convey? Is it the one you want?  What if you design a museum lookbook and…

  • Show off your museum from a new angle?
  • Use evocative images to create a brand for your museum?
  • Highlight artifacts and objects as high style instead of history or science?
  • Showcase everything as a thing of beauty?
  • Style your museum like a photo-shoot? Artifacts as art?
  • Create striking, gorgeous, intriguing, unsettling, and memorable images of your collections and exhibits?
  • Create a historic lookbook? A scientific one?
  • Design images that appeal to distinct demographics?
  • Combine the historical with the modern? The natural with the man-made?
  • Put the images on Pinterest and Tumblr as inspiration for everyone?
  • Release a series of images for each new exhibit? Tell a new story each season?
  • Send this to your members and donors instead of another newsletter?

After all, lookbooks are intended to show off the latest collection, and who’s better at collections than a museum?

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