Shaving The Woolly Mammoth

From last night’s episode of Bob’s Burgers: “Carpe Museum.”

I suspect Bob’s Burgers has some former museum workers on their writing staff. They know our world too well.

Visitor Motivation:

The Sands from Exotic Lands exhibit is my favorite. Last year, when I got home, there was sand in my crack. It was hands-on learnin’ for my butt!

Hey, I heard you can see boobies from all around the world in this museum – if you know where to look. We’re going on a boobie-bender!

Underpaid/Overworked Museum Staff:

Hey, I think those are picketers.
Picketers? Even the people who get paid to go in there don’t want to go in there – that’s how terrible it is!

Give us more money, damnit, or we’ll shave the woolly mammoth!
Give us longer breaks for snacks, or we’ll burn the artifacts!
Make our paycheck more colossal, or we’ll poop on all the fossils!

Rules, Rules, Rules:

I’ll show you the ropes, and then we’re going to go under the ropes and TOUCH ALL THE STUFF.

Ugh, when I hear ‘Stay with the group,’ I leave the group.

Remember, kids, smiling is the new touching.

If you ignore history, you’ll be doomed to repeat it. And if you touch history, you’ll be suspended for six days.

And when you get to the pioneer exhibit, learn but don’t churn!

Did anyone else see the episode?

Did anyone else see the episode, cringe when plesiosaurs* were referred to as “the coolest dinosaur,” and then yell at the television that plesiosaurs were marine reptiles, not dinosaurs? No? Just me, then? Alrighty…

*Does anyone else’s spell check keep changing “plesiosaur” to “applesauce?”

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