I’ve Seen Weirder Combinations…


We need more wizard-curators.

Last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation had a mini museum scene that definitely felt familiar. Substitute Harrison Bucks for T-Rex Tokens, and you’ve basically summarized my second semester of grad school.

(While at the William Henry Harrison Museum)

April: I just wanted to say that I really like your museum. It’s weird and sad and unnecessary. Is there, like, a museum curator position I could apply for?

Historian: Sorry, everyone here is a volunteer. Though you do get a yearly stipend of 50,000 Harrison Bucks, accepted only at that vending machine (which, of course, is out of order)

Andy (to April): Maybe you could start your own museum.

April: About what?…The only things I like are dogs, sleeping late, and weird birthmarks. You can’t make museums about those.

Seeing as how I once spent an hour in a combination mortuary/bird watching museum (no joke), I beg to differ, April.

Remember when Bob’s Burgers talked about museums?

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