Monday Links


Here’s what was awesome in the world this week:

The Toronto Public Library launched TKR-451, a Fahrenheit-451 alternative reality game. Take your seashells out of your ears and join the Resistance!

I don’t know what’s better – that a seal has shown that a non-vocal mimicing animal can keep a beat, or that he does it using The Backstreet Boys! (be still my 12-year old heart)

A personal photo series exploring the role of facial hair in perceptions of personal gender identity.

Artist Marina Abramovic is unexpectedly reunited with an old love during her performance piece “The Artist is Present.” So beautiful.

Regan Forrest’s compelling thoughts on “the half-life of history.”

John Cleese demonstrates that the human brain is still better at creating fake English than a computer is at translating it.

Seattle is building an food forest.

Inuktitut has been added alongside English and French as an official language of Nunavut, Canada’s youngest territory. I am now fluent in all of Nunavut’s official languages, as long as you define fluency as being able to say “peanut butter” and “goodbye.”

Make the most out of workshop or event – tips on how to be prepared and shine at your next conference or get together.

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