Why Don’t You? Museum Infographic


How do you share your museum’s data? Charts? Lists? Memos? Newsletters? Why don’t you turn all that delightful data into an infographic and…

  • Organize your information in logical and attention-grabbing ways
  • Simplify how you define and describe yourself
  • Embrace color!
  • Share the results of a survey in a new way
  • Market an upcoming event or exhibit
  • Put it in an exhibit, inviting your audience focus on images instead of words (we already know they don’t like to read labels…)
  • Use the medium to showcase your personality
  • Include unexpected data. Comment card trends? The most popular (and most random!) visitor questions? The number of visitors from Gary, Indiana?
  • Embrace the logical next step. After all, what were cave paintings and heiroglyphics if not beta-infographics?

Royal BC Museum Infographic by Care2Design

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