Monday Links


A beautiful discussion of the role the feeling of belonging plays in museum experiences.

Anime as cultural identity.

Roman Ondak’s exhibit, “Measuring the Universe,” at the Tate St. Ives looks so beautiful.

Using infographics isn’t modern – it’s utterly retro. Who knew?

Should museum labels come with author credits? How might that level of transparency be used to provide insight into the museum “process” and encourage museums to stay more current?

A great reminder of the importance of institutional body language, or for museums to “do as they say.”


One thought on “Monday Links

  1. Re: the anime museum article, when I first read the quote, “The sheer number of artists might have something to do with the city’s heavy snowfall in winter,” I completely thought he was ascribing the snowfall to the presence of artists rather than the other way around. Magical realism!


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