USAF Band Flashmob at the National Air and Space Museum


You may have already seen this fantastic video of the United States Air Force Band’s flashmob at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, but here it is again.

I love this performance, but I’m also incredibly biased. First, it’s taking place in a museum – what’s not to like? But, more importantly, these are my people. As the daughter of a USAF Band musician, this is what I grew up with, and I’ll always get a good case of the warm and fuzzies seeing and hearing the men and women of the US military perform.

A day where you visit an amazing museum and hear gorgeous music? Sounds pretty perfect to me. Enjoy!

[Every time I watch the video, I see someone else I recognize. I’m pretty sure I pet-sat one of the woodwind player’s cats when I was 15…]

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