Monday Links

New Museum . Skin Fruit. 2010

The articles, resources, places and ideas I enjoyed this week.

The Smithsonian has a fashion blog. Museums + clothing, it’s like peanut butter and chocolate all over again.

Since moving to Germany, I’ve encountered the national obsession with hazelnuts. So it’s no surprise that a German artist is creating installations from hazelnut pollen.

The library in Basalt, Colorado allows patrons to check out books and seeds, in a community experiment develop both an audience and a seed collection.

The bones of King Richard III are confirmed – so amazingly cool.

Blogger Jaunty Dame answers the question, “What books should be written that haven’t been?” What a great VCC approach.

2 thoughts on “Monday Links

  1. Hey! I meant to thank you for this reference weeks ago, and for introducing me to the Smithsonian’s fashion blog.

    I still don’t know what VCC means, and google’s keeping its secrets.


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