Retro References in Museums

A few weeks ago, my students and I were talking about what pieces of current pop culture we thought would have sticking power. What references, songs, movies, and taglines from today will people still be using thirty years from now? Will our future be full of YOLOs, hashtags, twerking, and fetch?

Just kidding. Fetch is never going to happen, Gretchen.

One way to tell what bits of pop culture have filtered down over time is to look at museums.  Because while we may not always know what is cool right when it’s happening (with notable exceptions – The Walker Art Center’s “Internet Cat Video Festival” is a perfect example), we definitely know what was cool and we rock when it comes to nostalgia.

The last time I visited the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, I saw several excellent retro references sprinkled throughout the museum.




Take us out, ladies.

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