Reblogged from Russell Dornan at Wunderkammer:

I want to compile a free online resource which provides simple definitions of museum terms which can be hyperlinked to. This will make online writing easier by not having to define every term in each article, as well as having a standard place to go to instead of everyone searching for each definition themselves. It can be used by the public looking for information; students, volunteers and new museum professionals as a quick reference; and the sector generally when communicating online. On Wednesday 24th July, share any or all museum terms you think should be included. Feel free to link to any good definitions or sources also.

Sisphean? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. Visit Wunderkammer to see the growing list. Do you have words to share? Contact him on Twitter @RussellDornan, (hashtag #MuseumGlossary), and let’s build this thing!

What I want to know: is there a word* that describes being trapped beneath a mounted polar bear? Because that’s happened to me. Twice.

*Other than F&%!, obviously.

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