Museum Links


What interested me this week:

How can people have the option of paying for digital content? Subbable provides an interesting model.

This video of a vintage photo being restored with Photoshop is very cool.

Steph Taylor at Eight Crayon Science looks at the representations of science and scientists in Pacific Rim. Go for the awesome drawing of robot-alien fisticuffs, stay for the thoughtful insight.

The Museum of the Future shares of list of inspiring females in museums and culture, and every one of them is a kick-ass dame.

Interactivate begins a review of Designing for the Museum Visitor Experience. First up, Framing.

A cultural analysis of the evolution of Playgirl Magazine covers. Warning: it includes Bryan Austin Green without a shirt.

A tutorial on how to fake an Edwardian hair roll. If I had hair, I would have this hair.

The Museum Goer asks, “can museum cafes be more adventurous?” I did once eat “Evolved from Dinosaurs Nuggets.”

Two-sentence horror stories. A nice reminder that you don’t always need a lot of buildp to make an impact.

Stephen King takes months – and even years – to write the opening sentences of his books. The beginning matters.

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