Monday Links


Tilda Swinton is presenting a performance piece, The Maybe, at the MOMA, by sleeping in a glass box. As if performing in a David Bowie video wasn’t cool enough…

And speaking of David Bowie, the new V&A exhibit on the artist sounds AMAZING.

The author of I F*cking Love Science turned out to be a woman (gasp!), and some people were shocked, confused, and reacted by being sexist. Yep.

Continuing with the theme – a great female list of science writers.

A really interesting article on the life of a museum guard. At a previous museum I worked at, the guards kept a running list of how many people they saw picking wedgies on the security cameras.

Todd Balthazor, a guard at the Walker Art Museum, draws an autobiographic comic strip about his work.

In university, I lived in a house with a stick figure rendition of the Bayeux Tapestry above the sofa. This animated version is almost as much fun.

One thought on “Monday Links

  1. It kind of cracks me up (half a crack?) that the Tilda Swinton thing seems to be so divisive. I have seen at least a handful of people expressing irritation–if not outright disgust–over the idea, because it’s not art. I guess we all have our lines! (I’m not gonna pretend like I don’t have one, because there were definitely some things at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis that had me going, “nope, not art.”)


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