Monday Links


George Condo’s “Mental States” at the New Museum

Monday Links on a Wednesday, because that’s how I roll.

Collectors Weekly examines the role of Bill Cosby’s sweaters on The Cosby Show.

Rob Brydon embodies that special type of educator. You know the one.

A great article on the genetics behind Muellerian mimicry.

A blog combining fashion and historical perspective. Love it!

Dinosaur egg fossils!

This article on a treasure trove of historical Irish documents collected by one man is a great read.

I’m charmed with Karen Kavett, a graphic designer, vlogger, and nerdfighter (DFTBA!). Her videos on design, typography, and all things visual are a great primer for anyone who gets to be (or wants to be more) creative.

Some more commentary has come out about one of my old museums and their new exhibit: Denver: A-Z. I haven’t seen the exhibit, so I can’t comment, but it’s interesting to see how the public is reacting, and what they would or wouldn’t change.

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