Meet A Museum Blogger – It’s Me!


I’m seriously giddy to be  featured in the “Meet a Museum Blogger” series on Jamie Glavic’s Museum Minute blog. It was a blast to answer questions about why I love museums and the work I do, and I even manged to throw in a few stories about being defiled by butterflies and almost-attacked by a taxidermied tiger.

What’s your most read blog post? Tell us about it.

My most read blog post is “Emotional Safety in Museums.” I wrote the piece when I was working on an exhibit that included stories of racism, war, xenophobia, and violence. Spending each day working with those stories and the objects associated with them took a toll on me emotionally.  I realized that for all my museum health and safety training, I hadn’t anticipated what I might need to do to support my emotional wellbeing.

I wrote the post to share the tricks and tools that help me process and engage with those emotions, and I’m happy it resonated with others.

My second most read post is about dinosaur erotica set in museums so, it takes all kinds.

Take a look at the interview to learn more about my dream job if I didn’t work in museums, my favorite online museum resources, and my advice for people interested in the museum field. And be sure to check out the other fantastic interviews – some of my favorites include Colleen Dilenschneider, Ed Rodley, Linda Norris, Paul Orselli, and Gretchen Jennings.

Thanks again to Jamie for featuring Museums Askew in the series!

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