Adding To The List Of Things You Can’t Do In Museums…

The news has been full of articles this week about the new niche market of dinosaur erotica. While I’m not here to judge,  I do suspect the (speculated) realities of dinosaur mating aren’t nearly as steamy as what’s being written.

My turn on’s include being smart, sensitive, and having a cloaca, said no woman ever.

Although, the jokes about horn-y dinosaurs practically write themselves.

If you want to read Mating with the Raptor and Ravished by the Triceratops, go crazy. But this?


From Taken at the Dinosaur Museum:

The job market tough thing, and it could not have been tougher than it was on Kate. She’d been looking forever for a new job, but she could not find one. As what she reading through the paper one day, she came across an ad for a museum looking for a night watch person. She gets the job and finds herself as a night guard, working for a dinosaur natural history museum. Things there are normal and quiet … until all of the dinosaurs come alive! Now Kate must try her best to elude the voracious creatures. Why did these creatures come alive? What did they want? Why do they seem so interested in certain parts of her body?

(Also, look at the cover. Is she a ghost? Why isn’t the dinosaur the ghost? Why am I trying to bring logic into this?)

Don’t  go dragging museums into your human-dinosaur sexy-times agenda.

Working in rooms full of mounted specimens is freaky enough without worrying about being mounted by specimens that want to get freaky.

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