Public History Ryan Gosling

We’re all thinking it, Ryan’s just saying it. Big museum questions presented in small (and easy on the eyes) packages. Now, who’s going to go and create a version for science museums? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? (And for the librarians out there, Ryan loves you, too) *All images via Public History Ryan Gosling

We Live Dangerously

Coworker: Have you seen my copy of  Health and Safety for Museum Professionals? Me: Oh, you mean, “How Will Your Museum Kill You Today?”* Coworker: Yep. *Just kidding – I love you, SPNHC! Image from The Galt Museum

Emotional Safety in Museums

Museums should become safe spaces for unsafe ideas* *Often credited to Elaine Heumann Gurian, but she says it didn’t come from her. Either way, it deserves to be said often. I love the idea that museums can (and should) be safe spaces, but until recently I always thought about that concept in terms of the…

This Exhibit is Temporarily Awesome

I adore the “This Object…” exhibit Christina Davis and Jen Bervin installed at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Not only do the new labels strike a fantastic balance between the ridiculous and the poignant throughout the museum, but they reinvent the dreaded “This exhibit is temporarily out of order” sign. How else could the “temporarily broken”…