Now with More Bagpipes


It’s been a while since I’ve updated on this site, and there’s good reason for it. Last year I began a doctoral program at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with the National Museum of Scotland.

In broad terms, I’m back to doing what I love best: playing with exhibition labels. More specifically, I’m working with an archive of over 150 years of science and technology exhibition labels to trace how the creation of scientific knowledge and the presentation and interpretation of scientific ideas and objects has developed and changed over the museum’s history. I’m also managing Curious Edinburgh, a science and history app of the city. So, you know, keeping busy.

Because my plate is so full, I’m largely suspending my consulting services for the foreseeable future. I may be available for short or one-off projects, but at the moment I can’t dedicate myself to anything long-term.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share my ongoing research here (you don’t want to see it yet, it’s just all color-coded spreadsheets), so keep an eye out. And if your museum happens to have a collection of old exhibition labels, let me know!

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