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Sorry about the blog silence – I’ve been busy working in Stuttgart (and since I have to wake up at 5:30 to catch my train, I’ve really just been busy being sleepy in Stuttgart). More posts to come next week!

A hairstylist employed some impressive experimental archaeology to challenge accepted theories of Roman hairstyle construction and was published in the Journal of Roman Archaeology. That is just all kinds of awesome.

Some very specific rules from real libraries.

Dan Telfer argues with an audience about the best dinosaur. Definitely NSFW language, but anyone who ever worked with fossils or had a discussion with a five-year old boy will relate. “Velociraptor is the Tanya Harding of the dinosaur kingdom.”

History Colorado developed an exhibit on the Sand Creek Massacre without appropriate native consultation, according to representatives from the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. I’ve heard conflicting reports from former colleagues, but the piece is an interesting and important look at issues surrounding history, memory, and how you tell stories. Disclosure: I worked on this exhibit, but not in its design.

2 thoughts on “Monday Links

  1. My brother was always a fan of Deinonychus, while I went for Parasaurolophus. Also, it was very interesting to see some of the First Nations exhibits at the Field Museum–they weren’t perfect by any means, but I appreciated the notices posted on some closed-off areas informing visitors that certain items were being removed from display due to their sacred nature.


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