Munch Ado About Nothing*

*Alternative titles considered included: “I Don’t Know Munch, but I Know I Love You,” and “How Munch is that Doggy in the Window?” What can I say, the flight was long and so was my list of bad puns.

While waiting to take off from Tromso, Norway, yesterday, I noticed the neighboring Norwegian plane’s tail was decorated with a picture of Edvard Munch.


Very cool, but why just stop at the artist? If it were me, I would have added Munch’s most famous work.


What’s really horrifying is my attempt at photo editing.

Because, let’s face it, that’s how most of us feel on planes when we realize that it’s 6 Euros for a bottle of water and the audio on our television screen is broken.

And lest you think putting The Scream on a plane would be too off-putting, the plane on the other side had a picture of the explorer Roald Amundsen, who is believed to have died in a plane crash (it’s a bit like Australia’s Harold Holt Swim Centre, named after a Prime Minister who drowned). All I’m saying is, I think the Norwegians can handle a bit of dark humor.

But speaking of Munch (a point, I once had one), I saw his painting, Mrs. Schwarz, at The Art Museum of Northern Norway. Isn’t she just lovely?


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